Market Analysis

We work with you to come up with a guide for your business that breaks down how to effectively communicate the benefits of your products to future consumers.

Roadmap Strategy

Create a time-based plan that will get you to your desired end point and include the products that will support your market goals.

Brand Creation

Everyone has a brand, but you want yours to be memorable in a good way. Let us help you make that happen. In-store products will enforce your brand.

Creating Passive Revenue for your Store

InMark Media is a company that provides supermarkets with unique services for your customers that also create a passive revenue stream for your market chain. We pride ourselves on building strong partnerships and offering services that truly enhance the shoppers experience while generating revenue for your bottom line, in store branding opportunities, and at no cost to the chain.

Passive Revenue
Branding Opportunities

Strategy 95%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%
Product Design 90%
Strategy Planning

When you are a supermarket partner with inMark, you have the ability to choose anywhere between one to six programs, which, by the way, contain products that can be tailored to fit your store’s standards and expectations.

No matter what program you use, you can be sure that your customer’s experience wil be enhanced and improved. Oh, and did we mention that these programs also foster relationships with your local business community, through sponsorships of our ad media.

So what exactly do our programs display? Your supermarket’s branded logo, promotional messages, specified spaces for distribution of store collateral, and even message greetings from your store’s manager(s).

Now, we’re sure you’re wondering what the catch is. But that’s the thing, there is no catch. Becoming part of an inMark supermarket program requires no effort on your part. We take care of the installation and the maintenance of the product.









Supermarket Products

No matter what product you choose, you can ensure that inMark
will stick to its formula for success.