Timothy Pucilowski

Timothy Pucilowski

I am so excited about being part of the inMark Family because the opportunity is truly Amazing n here’s why.

Amazing Concept – Supermarket Advertising is absolutely the best form of advertising for the local business person bar none!

Amazing Products –
All our products are guaranteed to be seen, more often and by the right people and we offer exclusivity!!

Amazing Process –
Advertisers Advertise.
We show existing advertisers products that have guaranteed exposure, guaranteed repetition,
guaranteed targeting,
guaranteed exclusivity plus costs less than any print advertising they are currently doing. We are in the replacement business!!

Our prospecting procedures, appointment setting, sales presentation and referral process is an absolute money making machine! You just simply have to follow a proven process.

Amazing Compensation –
Our base and overage commission structure gives us easily the chance to make over 2k per week

Amazing Leadership –
The company was founded by 3 salesmen with incredible vision, work ethic and open mindedness. Here the salesman is king

Amazing Culture –
Our motto is have fun and get it done! It is a fun, exciting, open environment where everyone’s voice counts. We also have a promotion from within policy with unlimited room at the top.

We are truly a one of a kind opportunity. We are a company with an Amazing destiny!!