There are many more benefits of exercising regularly than there are drawbacks. Exercising regularly can help you in almost anything you want to improve on in your life. It can range from having a better body, to changing your mood, better sleep, and even having more energy. Don’t you wish you woke up to go to work actually having the energy to get through the day? Try starting off with a light run of some sort everyday, that will get your blood flowing.

Your Body

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Depending on the amount of exercise you do it can help you lose weight and tone your body, or just maintain the weight you are currently at. The more intense the exercise is the more calories you are going to burn. Burning calories is what helps you lose weight or open room for more calories to be indulged. Your exercise can either come from the gym, at home, or even on the way to work when you decide to walk up those dreadful stairs. Consistency is key!

Your Mood

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Sometimes we get down on ourselves and need an emotional lift. People turn to many things to change their mood, but one of the best is exercising regularly. Exercising can be a good stress reliever when we’ve had a long day. Going to the gym or even on a 30 minute walk can help release various brain chemicals that can help relieve stress. The progress you make on your body will also help with your mood when you look in the mirror and see improvement.

You Energy 

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Ever feel like you get tired too quick? Walking up one flight of stairs feels like you just walked up three? You guessed it! Exercising regularly can help with that. Exercising builds endurance and improves your muscle strength. Staying active gives you a better quality of life, in all aspects of it. It will better your blood flow, your heart and lungs. Long story short, you will be able to do more while getting tired less.

Overall Health

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Like I said earlier, there are many more benefits to exercising regularly than there are drawbacks, if there are any. You will feel like a different person if you exercise consistently. You will not only FEEL better, but you will BE better. The more active you are the better your heart and lungs operate. It can also help clear your mind leaving you happier and more relaxed. So next time you want to take that elevator, think of your health and take those stairs.