When networking with new potential clients it is better to build a genuine connection with them, rather than sending a mere email or two. The business card is one marketing tool you need to use in person. It is hard to compare to the benefits of having a creative business card given in person.

Here are four reasons why you should always carry your very own business cards at all times!

It is more personal than digital marketing.

If you really want to leave a lasting impression on a new client, there is nothing more personal than giving someone your card and saying, “please, give me a call some time”.

Engaging in real-time conversation and eye contact is how you build lasting relationships rather than artificial “business” only relationships.

Most effective direct marketing tool.

It is great to have email marketing, search engine optimization, and paid media, but you can do better! Yes, these digital options are good for attracting leads and prospects, yet they do not leave the same impact as an in-person exchange.

It is also the best for events or meetings. Sometimes you meet people on the fly and don’t have the time to actually write down a number or email. BOOM. Give a business card right into the hands of the person across from you.

It Is Often Used as a First Impression

When you meet someone that could be a potential client, you don’t want to leave them without any way of contacting you. Forcing an email upon them may come off as too strong of an approach. Leaving your connections with your business card is the most viable option for a business person.

Make a memorable first impression using creative business cards. You want your business card to fuel a conversation, not end your interaction. For this to happen you need a business card that stands out, you don’t want your business cards to be considered dull and cheap.

Great Business Cards are Susceptible to Word of Mouth

You are most likely to get referred to a friend through business cards than an email. A business card is a physical object that a client may leave with their friend. An email may not even be opened, and if it is, it most likely won’t be forwarded. On the other hand, a business card can easily be shown to another potential client through the recipient of the business card. Keep your options open and don’t corner your clients with a barrage of emails.

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