When you think of branding, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely a legendary logo or an iconic catchphrase. While these are essential pieces of successful branding, at its core branding is about how the customer perceives your business. 

When it comes to branding, the goal is to create a positive and memorable image of your business for consumers whether that’s through a logo, a website, good reviews, or through the actual service. In fact, a successful branding campaign should be a combination of all these elements that in return, creates brand loyalty and builds your customer base. 

Here are a few more reasons why branding is so important:

  • Branding improves recognition- The logo is one of the most important features of your business. It is the “face” of the company, which is why it’s so important for your logo to be both simple and unique to your business. A good design that reflects your business’ values will not only make it memorable but also distinct from competitors.
  • Branding supports advertisingBy adding your logo onto merchandise like apparel or packaging, you can spread the word about your business while also standing out from competitors. As an added bonus, people wearing merchandise gives another brand impression to future customers. Yeah, free advertising!
  • Branding builds financial value To put it simply, when a business has a strong devotion to building its brand value, there is a better chance of financial return because it’s perceived as a valuable property. A unified, consistent brand allows your business to be ready for any future expansions and growth.
  • Branding inspires employees Yes, branding can even create employee loyalty! Employees need to work, but they also need a reason to want to work hard. When a business has a mission that’s understandable and admirable to employees, they are more likely to feel that pride to work towards that mission and help achieve the goals the owners set for the business.

So when it comes to branding, yes, creating an awesome and memorable logo is an important piece of the puzzle. However, what makes the puzzle complete is by building a respectable image of your business that is admired by both customers and employees.