Alright, so we’ve talked a lot about digital marketing and it’s importance in the current business landscape. While it is wholeheartedly true, we should remember that it’s still very important to brand your business in the real world. So, let’s talk about print collateral.

What’s print collateral?
Print collateral is basically any printed material that’s used as “leave-behind marketing material”. The goal is to provide information about your business and its services in a way that’s tangible, appealing and gives potential customers the “heart” of what your business is about.

Here are some examples of print collateral:

  • Marketing brochures
  • Leaflets and pamphlets
  • Direct mail, postcards
  • Business cards 
  • Newsletters
  • Thank-you cards (Yes! We need that engagement)
  • Newsletters
  • Thank-you cards
  • Posters and fliers
  • Notebook, notepads, and stationary

Okay, but why should I care? 
The importance of high-quality printing is the factor of leaving a quality first impression. Usually, your potential clients and customers first impression will not be walking into your business but rather through your marketing. We want to make sure that the first impression shows that your business is professional, humble, and creative, and a good print collateral campaign can surely show off your creative talents.

Longer Impact-  A nicely made brochure shows customers that you put time and money into something you’re giving away for free. This helps build your brand as caring and in it to connect with others. The benefit of print collateral is that it continues the presence of your business when you’re no longer there. Leaving prospects with a brochure after a meeting keeps your brand on the top of their mind and when thinking about furthering a deal, they have your brochure right on their desk to look at instead of scrolling through an inbox of feed.

Print is Priceless
No matter what advances are made in technology, print is still crucial in communication. We still enjoy a nice handout and taking handwritten notes during a PowerPoint presentation. Paper has been a part of our lives since ancient times and there’s a reason why it and will always be around. There’s something sentimental about holding a beautifully designed pamphlet or business card that digital means just can’t replicate. An online version of a brochure does not deliver the same fulfillment as a uniquely crafted, physical one. Of course, digital is ultimately more dynamic. However, print is a great secondary marketing strategy to complement your online campaigns.

To wrap this all up, the goal here is to not start some battle of print vs. digital. Our goal is to recognize the qualities of these two mediums and create a brand campaign that maximizes efficiency, awareness, and outreach. And of course, to have a fun!