Brand identity will create a loyal costumer base. Consumers are the reason you are in business, whether you want to believe that or not. Without them, your business would literally not exist.

But, it’s not enough to just target your potential market. Your brand identity is formed through every aspect of your business: the cleanliness of your website, the succinctness and lucidness of your content, the speed at which you deliver your product or service, your ability to properly conduct customer service…

Not sure how well your brand is received among your community? Check out these four tips to improve your brand:

Don’t sell a product

Instead, sell your brand. Your brand is the one most important aspect of your business. And, it’s the one aspect that will increase the likelihood of loyal costumers. If all you do is sell the product and focus your entire attention on the sole item you are producing, you will pay very little attention to customer service, your logo, or social media presence. This won’t create brand identity or consistent sales, just a single sale.

Instead, divide your time and create a balanced brand. Customers want to feel respected and cared about. If they feel like they are just another sale or number, they’ll feel less obligated to stick with your brand.

Even if you’re not selling them a product right away, remember the point is to sell your brand. So, give them valuable and useful information, create SEO content, post helpful tips on Instagram and Twitter that are actually usable. Overtime, you will build a loyalty with your audience that will lead to long-term relationships.

Transparency—don’t lie about who you are

Your brand identity is who you are. If your company doesn’t have a large focus on philanthropy, but believes in building a motivating community, preach that. Your brand is simply who you your business is and what you stand for—there is no need to lie about it.

Just remember to maintain your mission in all aspects and activities of your business to increase brand identity and recognition. Remain transparent, not just your costumers, but to your stakeholders, too.

Content is imperative

Businesses’ push toward SEO content is not just for search engine optimization, but to create a loyal audience, too. Imagine you buy a product and decide to give that company’s social media a follow. If that company only posts pictures of their products without adding any value, you’re going to get pretty bored of their social media and possibly even unfollow them (which means, a loss of audience)

Now imagine, instead, they post useful tips and tricks. This type of content will keep users attracted to their company because of its informative nature.

One very important item to note here: GRAMMAR, GRAMMAR, GRAMMAR! Most consumers are going to expect a professional presence, on social media, on your website, in person, wherever and whenever they are connecting with your business.
That means not understanding which they’re, their, or there, to use is going to severely deter customers. Even if your business is a plumbing service, and has nothing to do with writing or communication, consumers care about the professional essence company’s conduct business with.

Rebranding is okay

So, maybe by now you’re realizing that your business or brand needs a little redoing. The good news? Brands are kind of expected to change.

Think of a business as a person. People consistently grow and foster insight that changes the way we see values and missions. The same can happen to a business’s mission. If it happens with your company, then maybe it is time to rebrand.

Rebranding can seem like a scary and intimidating feat, but with the proper help from a marketing company, like inMark Media, the process can be stress-reduced.

Maybe your rebranding means a new logo, business cards, or paper collateral. Maybe it means recreating your social media presence. Whatever the situation, professionals at inMark will help you create and accomplish your goals.