As mobile phones become more like mini super powered tablets, we become more reliant or obsessed with checking our trusty sidekicks. As a business owner, why wouldn’t you want to exploit this mobile obsession? After all, we do open most of our emails on mobile devices!

Targetting people where they look the most is a pretty good marketing plan for any kind of business. Especially if you create your content to directly tailor to these mobile readers. The point is to lure in readers and grab their attention for more than just the opening click.

Here are some ways you can enhance the overall experience of your mobile users.

Your Email is an Extension of Your Overall Brand

When a consumer opens your email, your goal is not for them to leave 5 seconds after opening it. You want your audience to experience the fluidity of your overall brand. Keeping the same overall experience whether it is on a phone, on a laptop, on your website, or on your social media is key to enhancing the journey a customer would take from start to finish.

You don’t want your consumers to open an email and click on a link to a broken website, or a social media account you rarely use. Your company may be blocked from sending any more emails after an experience like that.

Make sure everything flows and is responsive to all different kinds of devices!

Your Subscribers Aren’t The Same as Your Favorite Case Study

Personalize your approach to your subscribers’ tendencies and needs. They aren’t the same people used in the case study that tell’s you to send emails at 3 o’clock. Gather data and study the analytics behind your campaigns to improve strategies and learn more about YOUR audience. It means much more than just adding their name and guessing the time that they will be most likely to open the email.

Design Your Emails Around Mobile Devices 

Let’s face it, what are you doing with your marketing if you don’t have mobile devices in mind when creating your content. If your email is responsive for mobile devices, chances are it is responsive on any other device.

Images and Motion Graphics

Nothing catches the eye like an entertaining GIF or an attention-grabbing image or video. Yes, the actual copy of your email is important, but most of the time it isn’t nearly enough to keep your consumer from pressing that back button.

Of course, even with these tips, it won’t be an easy journey to finding the right email marketing campaign. Your friendly neighborhood Media Agency that goes by the name of inMark Media is here to help! Contact us for consulting or our email marketing services.