Running a small business can be a daunting task. Here are some apps that I believe can help you in certain aspects of running your business! With everything possible at the tip of your finger it has become much easier to run and sustain a small business. Aside from your competition, actually running a business can be a downfall to a successful business. 



This accounting software takes some pressure off of your accountant (who could easily be you) and makes it easy for them to manage your customers, vendors, clients, and finances. Powered by Intuit, they have evolved their interface to be as user friendly as possible. Making it easy to include payments and point of sale on one dashboard.



Everyone has heard of Google before, it has become a household name across the world. So why look passed it and its services for your business? From using it as an email with gmail, to creating and sharing documents and spreadsheets on Google drive, to video calls with Google Hangouts. It has almost anything you can imagine you would need to keep your business running. The largest search engine in the world that you use for information can keep a whole company connected with the use of its diversified suite. The best part about Google, IT IS FREE.



Once your business is big enough to have multiple employees, now you need to worry about scheduling, understaffing, overstaffing, people putting in requests for time off, dropping and picking up shifts. Deputy helps you with an organized platform for you and your employees. Using a cloud for you and your employees to access on their own phones will allow employees to submit requests and make it easier to see their availability. The transparency of the app makes it difficult for employees to not know what is going on in terms of scheduling.

Social Media Marketing


As a small business running multiple accounts on different social media platforms can be difficult when you have a ton of other stuff to worry about. HootSuite allows for pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms to be handled on one dashboard. Creating and scheduling content on multiple platforms at the tip of your finger. With many features being free and some costing money, the possibilities of social media dominance are endless.

Every business owner must equip themselves with the necessary tools to succeed. In this digital age, the solutions are out there, all you need to do is your research and decide what is most convenient and cost effective for you. inMark Media provides businesses with sales consulting services among other services tailored to your needs. For more information visit the agency services section or contact us at 844-INMARK-1.