Social media is always evolving with the likes of millennials in mind. The growth of Snapchat and Instagram filters in the past year has been crucial to the advancement of ways to upload photos and videos. And sequentially has been a new way to target and interact with these users.

So as a business owner, how do you use these updates to your advantage? Well, I will be giving you 3 tips on how to catch the attention of millennials and other users on these platforms. 

1. Using Augmented Reality

Let’s start off with what augmented reality is. According to reality technologies, augmented reality is an enhanced version of reality where live direct or indirect views of physical real-world environments are augmented with superimposed computer-generated images over a user’s view of the real world, enhancing one’s current perception of reality.

Snapchat started this trend with its filters and Instagram shortly followed. These filters afford the users an opportunity to enhance their photos and videos with cute, scary, and funny filters. You are probably aware of the infamous dog filter, adding dog ears to the user(s) and once it senses an opening of the mouth, the filter adds a licking tongue with a “slurp” sound.

These filters give millennials a lot of freedom to play with when uploading their content. Using the current trending filters is a great way to reach these users right in their favorite app.

2. Live Videos

Just like the fascination with AR, millennials are just as fascinated with the idea of live videos. People want to see what is going on at the very moment.

The art of the live video is a relatively new concept to social media. Master this, and you’ll have people tuning in left and right to see what you are up to. Then, you have to keep them on your live video with engaging, informative content, or simply just capturing a specific moment in time.

Promoting a time when people should tune in is also a good way to generate traffic. Although, if you choose to promote your live video, be sure to have content worth tuning in for! Your reputation can easily be tarnished because of unfulfilling or boring content.

3. Make It Simple

Nowadays millennials are so used to having everything quick and simple. Want some new clothes? Order them straight to your door. Want to contact a company? Skip the headache of a phone call and chat with a bot.

Making your business easily accessible to people with questions, comments, and concerns will go a long way when building up your brand. Being known as the business that doesn’t give anyone trouble will be sure to bring you clients through word of mouth.

People don’t care if they are speaking with an actual representative or a bot, as long as it gets them what they want with no headache. Entitlement is a blessing and a curse for millennials and you have to know how to handle it.