Nowadays there are many ways of getting your ad in the eyes view of your consumers. You can go with traditional ways of paper advertising in newspapers, or media advertising on TV or at the movie theaters. If you really want to get to your consumers in this day and age you have to reach them at their point of interest! Where is that you ask? Social media is the key! Even if your consumer is “too old” for Instagram, chances are they have a Facebook account. Facebook makes it fairly simple to create ads for use on both platforms. 

1. Choose Your Audience

This is where you choose who you are targeting. You can either make it as specific or broad as you would like. Of course, for better results focus on specifying who your audience is; location, age, or gender, are all good ways to start.

2. Selecting Your Budget

Placing a budget can be confusing. First, check with whoever is in charge of your finances to see what you can spend on advertising. Second, Facebook advertising works as a bidding process for which ad should be displayed on a given consumer’s page. You should choose whether you want Facebook to handle the bidding process automatically giving you the best chance at ad placement, or manually if you want to save yourself some money.

3. Optimization for Ad Delivery

Facebook now has a feature that allows you to optimize your ad delivery based on your preferences.

  • Link Clicks- Display your ads to people who are more likely to click on your ad. (CPC)
  • Impressions- Displays your ads as many times as possible. (CPM)
  • Daily Unique Reach- Allows you to display your ads once per day for your audience.

4. Creating Your Content

When creating your ad, think about how you would come across an ad. Too much writing… I probably won’t read it. Unprofessional… I probably won’t trust it. Too many pictures… What am I supposed to get out of this?

When creating an ad, be creative, short and concise. Think of it as an elevator pitch to people scrolling down their feed. You probably have 2 seconds tops to grab their attention.


These are a few steps to get you started on advertising on Facebook and Instagram. For a small business getting known on a major social platform like Facebook or Instagram, it can be confusing running multiple accounts, as well as keeping up with your ads and budget. This is when inMark Media comes into place. Contact us at 1-844-INMARK-1 or click here to check out our agency services.