With social media growing each day, it is only right we as users, grow with it. Regular people become brand influencers each day, learning how to manage their social media accounts with ease. Branding is social media’s most powerful tool and it is no secret that a social media presence is essential to keep your business relevant.

A small business trying to get known can use these tips to expand their reach on social media. 

Follow those who matter

Unless you are Will Smith creating an Instagram, you won’t be able to just make an account and not put in any work for your followers. If you want a lot of people to see your social media messages, or to know your business exists, you’re going to have to put in some work.

Everyone knows the saying if a tree falls in the middle of the woods and no one is there to see it, did it even fall? Great content works the same way. Posting relatable, exciting, or attractive content won’t guarantee a return on an investment if your audience small. To increase your followers, you’ll want to enact strategic following. Strategic following basically means exactly what it says: strategically following certain accounts to attract followers.

Here’s how it’s done:

Danielle runs a local Gym. She just started up her business’ Twitter and Instagram accounts, and she really wants to begin a social media giveaway campaign to promote her new gym location. But, she only has 10 followers.

To strategically follow, Jane should check out other gyms, fitness, and nutrition pages in her area, go to their followers and follow accounts she believes would enjoy her content.

These are great starting points for any business to build up their following. If you don’t have a brick-and-mortar store and are not worried about the locality in terms of your followers, you can search and follow by hashtags too. Danielle might look up a hashtag like “#localgym” and follow some accounts that are posting with that hashtag.

Tag it up

Speaking of hashtags, they’re great tools your business can use to boost your social media reach, too.

Each post should contain at least 15 hashtags. Hashtags can either be specific to each post or specific to your entire account. Groups of hashtags don’t take long to compose and are an extremely beneficial tool to enhance your accounts. Write out a couple hashtag combinations in the notes app on your phone for safe keeping. Then, when you’re ready to use them, copy and paste them to your posts with ease.

Let’s take the gym example again, if you’re posting about a new yoga class you’re about to offer, you may want to hashtag words like “#yoga #yogaclass #yogamoves” etc.

Less is more

When composing hashtags to add to your posts, try to think of words and phrases that people will actually search. #yogaformewhenIambored will probably never be searched. Don’t waste time composing overly complicated and long hashtags.

In the same respect, make sure your hashtags are relevant. People want to see what they’re searching for. Don’t post #dumbells for a picture of your yoga class—it’s confusing and frustrating to users.

Interaction for a reaction

Simply posting content just won’t cut it. Although traffic is continually growing on all social media sites, so is the competition.

To stand out among the masses, you’re going to need something a little extra than good posts and hashtags.

Instagram stories are a great way to gauge and increase your following. They also help you engage more with your followers: you can post polls or questions on your stories that your followers can answer directly.

It’s important to interact with who you follow, too. If you have new followers, follow them back, like their pictures, and comment something insightful and specific. It’s usually pretty obvious when a company just copy and pastes the same “Great post!” comment.

Reach out

If you’re ready to grow your social media presence and reach, but you’re uncertain that you fully understand social media platforms and their benefits, reach out to a company who does.

At inMark Media we have an extensive strategic planning for each of our clients and work hard to grow your brand awareness.

For any questions, comments, and concerns comment below.