LinkedIn is a lot different from the social media platforms that are usually talked about, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and of course, Facebook. There are so many misconceptions about the uses of LinkedIn. It is difficult for many newcomers to grasp how to use it to your advantage.

Did you know LinkedIn is one of the best B2B platforms?

LinkedIn is a search engine similar to Google and runs on SEO. Using keywords and phrases you can find certain types of customers or professionals to connect with. 

What if you wanted to get noticed on LinkedIn by other professionals?

The key to being noticed on LinkedIn is the small section of your profile that is your professional headline. This is your bread and butter when it comes to what people will think of you in the 2 seconds it takes for them to read it.

If you are like most users, your profile is closest to a virtual resume, rather than selling your experiences as a tool for someone else to use. It isn’t because you aren’t important enough to have your resume as your profile, it’s just, no one really cares about what you’ve done, but what you can do.

You need to tailor your profile to draw in clients. It has to be about what you can offer whoever is coming across your page, and at the same time taking advantage of SEO.

To get the best of SEO, become conscious with your choice of keywords and phrases. Consider what people would search when trying to reach your page. Would they type something like “Copywriter for a small business” or “High School basketball coach”? Definitely not “3 years of marketing experience” or “Administrative assistant, Company ___”.

How to get noticed.

Keep it simple. LinkedIn gives you 120 characters to express yourself and use it as an opportunity to use the ideal keywords and phrases.

Answer these questions to create your headline!

  • What would others call your profession or service? (Copywriter, Marketing Director, Wedding Planner)
  • What service or product are you offering? (Copywriting, management services, designer,  wedding planning)
  • What is your target audience? (Small business owners, start-ups)

Put it all together and it may look something like this, “Copywriter | Copywriting services | Serving Small Business Owners and Start-ups”.

It is a simple and clear approach to boost your profile’s SEO ranking!

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