The average person sees around 300-700 ads and brands everyday. While that may seem like an absurdly high number or simply impossible, take a second to pick out all the brands around you at this very moment. Your Carmex chapstick, Apple computer, and Diet Coke are all branded materials.


So, why don’t we remember the 700 brands and ads we come across on a daily basis? Our brains are constantly bombarded by information throughout the day. And, not just a little information—11 million bits of data every second. But, the average person’s memory can only hold about 40-50 bits of data per second. So, we’re ignoring about 10,999,950 bits of data every. single. second.


As a business owner, this probably sounds like some pretty bad news. You may spend months or even years researching, developing, and implementing advertising and marketing campaigns to attract costumers. But, what if those ads are part of the 10,999,950 bits of data that are just completely ignored?


It’s more important than ever that your ads stand out among the noise. Arguably one of the most inexpensive ways to do that is through motion and video content in your marketing and advertising efforts.


There’s a reason why Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook keep adding motion features to their capabilities—because people love motion.


You don’t need to make your own content


Creating animated content doesn’t have to be tedious, and it doesn’t require a whole production to develop. Motion graphics can be as little as 3 seconds long, or as long as 1 minute.


As long as you have a goal and a clear plan to reach it, motion graphics are a great alternative to stationary content. Even if you don’t think you have the skills to create video content, you can repost (and give credit to) relevant posts already on Instagram.


So, if you run a car service business, and want to attract more Instagram users to your brand, maybe repost a cool car transformation video from another Instagram account!


Turn your caption into movement


If you’re struggling to think of content to create into motion, just think of your typical Instagram or Facebook post.


What do you say in those posts? What is the main message, and what are the supporting points?


Once you figure out this message, simplify it as much as possible, and turn it into graphics. It’s usually over-complicated, in-genuine videos that flop.


All you need is a phone


Most social media platforms were created for the everyday user—including your small business.


Yes, it would be better to have high quality cameras and equipment to work with, but that’s pretty unrealistic for small companies with lower budgets. As long as you have a working phone, you’re set to film some pretty awesome behind the scenes.


Or, reach out to inMark


Even though it may seem easy, we know how intimidating it can feel trying to film, edit, or post motion graphics. Our experienced graphic designers can help ease those fears. InMark media creates custom graphics, motion and static, for small and medium sized business that are professional, branded, and affordable! Contact us at inMark Media.