2019 is all about promoting yourself or your brand by leveraging social media strategies. Using Instagram, FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn to do your advertising for you is the definition of networking in the 21st century.

Where’s the Target?
It’s important to stay active on social media and increase your audience. Using social media helps you gather data from your current audience. Use this information to gain more insightful demographics.

Get with the Times
Learn how to use location tagging and hashtags so that like minded individuals browsing social media channels can interact with you. Stay current with online social media trends.

Be a Social Butterfly
Your ultimate goal might be to increase sales and online presence but don’t be obvious about it. Build your brand by forming relationships and posting engaging content, and the customers will follow. It also helps to have a recognizable viewpoint such as free trade, organic, or socially responsible recycling methods.

Where Should I Post?
Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are excellent social media platforms on which to post. If you use them to announce plans and special events, it will keep viewers returning for news.

Be SMART (Goals)
Savvy social media is not all about photo opportunities. You must regularly assess your analytics and readjust your goals. Realistic goals are the key to social media success.