Social media is an ever-changing phenomenon that we continue to learn and innovate new ways to make use of it. Marketers have quickly been integrating social media into their marketing plans for branding while still keeping their feet wet in more traditional marketing channels. Why wouldn’t you want to brand yourself on the platform that is most looked at and people are obsessing over? The whole point of social media is to connect with others and grow your network! Your business’ brand can make a smooth addition to the already budgeted traditional channels to newer marketing channels.

For people who have been on social media but are looking for new ways to approach it in 2018, here are three ways we think you can approach social media differently.

Synchronized Marketing

Social media is exciting for everyone involved. The marketers branding themselves on each platform, the users who are looking to be entertained or informed, and the innovators looking for new ways to expand the given platform. We can get carried away with creating content for social media and we forget that social media is just another channel for brands to market in and add to what they have already built on other channels.

When planning for social media, yes it is necessary to create unique content for the platform, but the message or tone of your social media accounts should be in line with your overall branding.

Know What You Are Measuring

Social media analytics can get a bit confusing between impressions, your reach, clicks, and etc. Facebook and Instagram have a pretty easy way to keep track of these, whether it is using Instagram insights for your business profile or Facebook analytics. Align the results you want with what you are posting. Make the proper adjustments and recourse your approach to result in better numbers for what you are looking for.

For example, if you see your videos on Facebook are only grabbing the attention of your audience for 5 seconds, is that enough time for your message to be delivered? Will it resonate with your followers? This is where you need to know what you are looking for in your analytics!

Approach Each Platform Differently

There are different ways to generate results on different platforms, but keep in mind you don’t have much time to impress your followers. When devising a campaign on whatever channel you are aiming for know that your consumers will take the first opportunity to skip your “ad”. On TV programming, they either change the channel or get up to get another bowl of cereal. On Instagram, your ad may get 2 seconds before they keep on scrolling, and the same goes for Facebook.

So how do you reach this portion of your audience?

Be straightforward and clear with your message. Don’t beat around the bush and make sure those 2 seconds can grab the attention of the viewer and reel them in.

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