A picture speaks a thousand words, but even that can be too little for the message you want to articulate to your audience. In short, if you wanted to add more words to thousand that a picture already speaks, it may come out cluttered and unappealing to your viewer! As a strategic marketer, how do you get past the confinements of still graphics?

Make them POP!

No wonder more people are transitioning to motion graphics and telling a story through a short video that can speak volumes to your followers.

Tell A Story

Motion graphics have more potential to create a story than a picture can. Being confined to a still picture calls for imagination and interpretation, but a motion graphic can be much more direct about what you want to convey. With 10 seconds of moving pictures, you can fit 10x the amount of words and captivate your audience. With a combination of pictures, videos, and text, you can properly articulate the point of the motion graphic and do so without pressuring your audience or overwhelm them with a 5-minute long video! People just don’t have the attention span to sit and watch full videos, 10 seconds are more than enough!

Show off your skills!

A 10-second video uploaded to Instagram or Facebook will say a lot more and also bring value to your brand. Let your audience know you have a talented team behind you that can create custom content. Your audience will notice when you use a motion graphic because you aren’t just another picture or post on their feed. Woo them with a nicely done short clip, if you need help creating custom content, I only hear great things about inMark’s design team!

Social Engagement

Aren’t you more likely to show a friend a video you saw on social media than a regular picture or plain-old text you had to spend 5 minutes reading? I know I send cool and/or funny videos to my group of friends all the time. This is the same potential motion graphics will have on your content. People may take it and repost it on their own pages.

You will also gain more feedback from your audience after watching a video. A picture or text will easily be scrolled past, but watching a 10-second video gives the user more time on your page or post to leave a comment.

Why settle for stagnant when you can have a motion? In short, you have nothing to lose moving towards motion graphics, they’ll catch and keep your audience’s attention! Take advantage of our team and find out how we can create custom content for your business.