Social Media can significantly boost your sales, improve your business’s brand, or increase your local business’s awareness. You’ve probably heard that countless times, but how is it done? Well, first it’s important to understand how social media works. Not the technological jibber jabber—but how it works in society.

Each social media serves a different purpose for consumers—and for companies

Facebook could be a great place for companies to post a PR-related status or to share articles relevant to their industries or values. At the same time, Snapchat is a more intimate form of a social media and is better for featuring “behind-the-scenes” of what a business does and stands for.

Okay, but what about Pinterest?

Pinterest is an exceptionally great platform for small businesses to grow brand awareness. And, it’s even more beneficial for companies with blogs.

But, okay, there are plenty of websites and social media that will promote my blogs for your company. And, maybe you don’t have time to add another social media account to my already expanding arsenal.

Well, here’s the thing: Pinterest is one of the largest website traffic drivers.

Pinterest maintains over 150 million daily users. And, unlike users on Facebook, users on Pinterest are more likely to engage with your company, because they are interested in reading blogs.

User engagement doesn’t stop at just reading the company’s blogs either. According to research released by Millard Brown, 87% of users have purchased a product because of Pinterest, and 93% have used Pinterest to plan a future purchase. That type of ROI is not one that you should pass up.

It’s not just engagement. It’s purchasing power, too.

According to Shopify research, Pinterest users’ typical orders value around $58.95, while Facebook referral orders value only $55. That may be only about a $4-dollar difference, but the possibility of $4 extra dollars per person with a 150-million-person audience is pretty lucrative.

Still not convinced it is worth your time, but think it may be worth your investment? There are agencies that will do the work for you. Companies like inMark media understand the usefulness of social media and how to use outlets to their greatest benefit.