Businesses are recruiting talent through all social media platforms, even Snapchat. Why? A lot of businesses are looking for millennial employees, and Snapchat has one of the biggest millennial audiences. In fact, about 86 percent of working people in their first decade of employment use social media to search for job openings and potential employers.

McDonald’s is capitalizing on this movement.

The fast food industry that is known for their 35,000 store locations has started recruiting talent through Snapchat to fill 250,000 open positions. This large-scale recruitment strategy may be more beneficial than it sounds.

  • How:
    • Snapchat sends invitations to potential McDonald’s employees. Most of McDonald’s applicants are between 16 and 24, and half of Snapchat users fall in that range.
    • Users can send in a “Snaplication” which includes a ten second Snapchat video with a McDonald’s filter. Then, McDonald’s sends a link to the application page, on Snapchat, where users can formally apply to the job.
  • Why it works:
    • One of the biggest struggles for recruiting talent is actually reaching your potential employee pool. If you are trying to recruit millennial talent, go where they are: on social media. That’s where their attention is and where you’ll get it. Obviously, you’ll still want them to submit applications and sit down for an interview with you, but they can’t do that if they don’t know about the job opportunity in the first place.


Other companies are doing it too.

Space150, a digital shop, ran an intern application through Snapchat for two weeks. The company used geofilters to reach college students on 29 different campuses. The filters asked interested students to follow Space150’s account and apply to 10 internships in the agency’s multiple offices. The application required that interested users create a Snapchat story for one of the agency’s brands as if it were the year 2020.

  • For small businesses:
    • So, you’ve read this far because you’re running a small business that needs help recruiting talent. You can reach your talent on social media, as we discussed, but as a small business with a smaller budget than McDonald’s, how do you launch a project like this?
  • The benefits:
    • Geofilters allow you to ultra-localize your search through specific geo-locations, and they’re relatively inexpensive. You can either use the location for specific geographic areas or even specific companies. One company, agency 180LA, used geofilters to find talent that was already employed. They created creative geofilters to target employees at companies like Buzzfeed, Google and Facebook. 

How to do it. 

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