Social media platforms are a great way to keep in touch with your current audience. It takes more than the right caption, an attractive photo and a set of hashtags, you must determine the right time to post. The right timing for posting ensures you attain optimal reach. Different social platforms have unique timings for postings.

  1. Understanding Your Audience

Key to finding the right time to post on social media is understanding your audience. When do they tend to hang out on the particular platform? Many users go on social media when free such as over lunch break and after work.

Therefore, you can post at around midday or after 5p.m over the weekday. It’s believed that most people are out and about over the weekend and thus don’t get time to engage on social media. However, note that the specific time for posting varies from one social platform to another.

What it means is that the right time to post depends on your audience. Find out more about them to find the right time to post on Instagram. Different time zones also mean they’ll be online on social media at different times. Use Instagram Insights to help you find the right time to make posts.

  1. Hashtags

Although hashtag was first used on Twitter, today it’s used on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The symbol “#” is used to represent the hashtag when followed by a phrase or word. A hashtag contains no punctuation nor spaces. Use them to organize content practically across various small business social media platforms.

Hashtags are simple, but develop many small communities of the same content. The tags are searchable and linkable to outside sources of the same theme. They can help you determine the right time to make posts on Instagram.

Still not sure of the right time to post on Instagram? Contact us for more information on determining the right time to post on your social platform.