Managing several social media accounts is a difficult task for anyone, let alone a small business that has many other tasks to tend to. Your best option is to outsource your social media strategy with a competent media agency like inMark Media.

Of course, if you are a person who’d rather do it themselves, then we can still help you out! Here is a list of some great tools to help stay on top of your social media strategy and make your life a bit easier! 

Having trouble figuring out a font that stands out and tells your story the way you want it to? Choosing the right font is critical to how your pages are portrayed. And sometimes, you may need more than one font in a post.

Fontjoy makes it simple to generate font pairings for you if you are not too familiar with font styles, and how they mix and match. With font pairing made simple, all you need to is go to the website and slide the bar left to right (left for more contrast, right for more similar), and hit generate for Fontjoy to work its magic.

  • Grammarly

How many times have you posted something, to later find out you made a grammatical error! A grammatical error, big or small, discredits your page, making it look less professional and/or careless. Well lucky for you, as well as many other professionals, Grammarly, mixes effortlessly with your web browser as a free plugin.

Grammarly constantly scans through your writing for any errors, change of words, or phrases it can find. With color-coded corrections, you will always know what exactly it is referring to. You can also download the app on IOS and Android to write and save your work. As a writer, this app is my best friend, and should be yours too!

  • Adobe Scan

With the use of optical character recognition (OCR), Adobe Scan allows you to copy and paste the text you scan through your phone’s camera. Scanning images and text into a PDF becomes a trouble of the past with this app.

For example, there is an image with some text you may want to share throughout your many social media platforms. Instead of going through the trouble to type it each time you need to use it, scan the image, and easily copy and paste the text into those posts and posts to come.

This all-in-one app is a free way to convert print content into digital, all with a snap of a picture!

  • Magisto

Creating entertaining video content can be time-consuming and difficult to wrap your head around. Magisto makes curating video content a quick 3-step process.

  1. Select your images or videos
  2. Select an editing style to fit your story
  3. Select music

By uploading your content, music, and choosing your editing style, you’ll have a magical video created just for you within minutes.

The Magisto app is free to use, but with some services offered at different tier services on an annual basis, the premium is $2.49/month, the professional is $9.99/month, and business is $39.99/month. Find out what suits your needs and choose wisely!

  • HootSuite

Handling many social media accounts is tedious when trying to keep up with a schedule of posts. Let’s face it unless you have the time to switch through profiles and upload a post or tweet on every platform, it is extremely difficult to manage everything at the same time. This is where the social media management tool comes into play.

With an easy to use interface, you can add accounts from different platforms and schedule content for each! Users can implement and analyze marketing campaigns throughout all social media platforms. The free version is alright, but with many advanced features idle until you upgrade your account, it is worth paying for if you are a business looking for better analytic tools.

Review these apps and tools and benefit yourself and your business. Using these tools will help you utilize your time in a better fashion for other tasks to get done. You’re a busy person, learn how to budget your time, and if these tools still don’t help, contact your local agency company!