Facebook is a powerful social media platform used for advertising. You have a world of data and information in your hands, take advantage with these tips!

Put On Your Thinking Cap
Tailor your Facebook ad strategies to KPI. What’s the point of lower cost per action if the end result is not of any benefit? It is a delicate balance between gauging the right customer’s attention and having it result in a successful sale because of other necessary sales skills being in evidence.

Appeal to Customer Loyalty
Your FB profile already has a customer list in waiting. Advertise with them in mind. Search for lookalike audiences by leveraging existing customer profiles from which to create another list.

Keep meticulous records, especially in the beginning, so that you can tell which ads are successful. Remember to allow the ad to run long enough to enable you to make an assessment. Once you have done enough testing advertising, you should be able to gauge what placements have the best results.

Steal Their Attention Away
Remember, your customers are on Facebook to be social and catch up on news. They don’t want to be distracted with fluff unless it appeals to them directly. Try grabbing audience attention with slick graphics, video, and valuable information.