If your company isn’t on the SEO bandwagon yet, don’t fret! SEO content is a habit that just about anyone can master with the proper skills and mentoring. Are you ready to take your company’s website and online presence to the next level? Check out these tips to get your blog on its way to success.

Active Voice

Always stay in the active voice: on your blog, on your website, on your social media…

Passive sentences are often confusing to readers. Active sentences are easier to follow and understand. Take these two sentences for example:

“Our company creates top-of-the-line motion graphics.”

“Top-of-the-line motion graphics are created by our company.”

The former is shorter and clearly easier to read and understand. The subject and verb in the latter sentence are hidden. Readers don’t even know what the subject of the sentence is while until they’re halfway through.

Searchable headlines

Headlines are one of your best bets for views. If visitors don’t have any sort of curiosity, they won’t click on your material. Create headlines that will attract eyes and searches.

Use your emotion

Your blog is your voice, not an essay. Lean back, relax, and let your voice flow. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little slang or abbreviations if it correlates with your audience.

Make a Call-to-Action

Even your blog is a selling point for your business. If there is nothing for your audience to do but read and leave, those sales ain’t happening. Give your readers good information, and point them in the next direction you want them to go.


Yes, keywords will help your blog and website increase in SEO ranking, but don’t go crazy. Write good content that your audience will actually want to read, and your ranking will take care of itself.


In fact, your appealing to your audience matters so much, that your overall tone can lead to lost views. Instead of focusing on negative situations or “pointing fingers,” try to focus on solutions and collaboration.

Concise, Short, To-The-Point

There are very few people who will actually read your entire blog. Most are going to do the skim, read a couple points, and move on trickery. Make sure your posts are not too long; otherwise once-willing readers will leave your page almost immediately.


There’s a reason that so many articles and posts are list based—because they work. The attention span of current users is only getting shorter. If a consumer can scan your bolded and bullet-pointed article, they’ll be more likely to stay longer.


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