You may not be a website development genius, but there are things you can learn to help build a new website or change your current one for the better.

Describe Yourself
When you choose a domain name, make sure the website description is easy to understand, straightforward, and memorable. This requirement is not as hard as you think. Remember to choose a domain name that will last. Do not just use a stop gap until you think of a better one.

Give Them Something to Remember
Make the interface you choose for your website one that will instantly capture and hold someone’s attention. Test your site with a variety of age groups before you launch. Compress graphics for faster loading or Google will penalize the site. If your site is memorable, people will bookmark it for future use.

Show the People What They Want!: Content
Users love engaging, consistent posting, and quality content. You can do this by adding a blog page or choosing a CMS designed for your specific needs.

Become the Webmaster
Use webmaster tools to analyze data and make additions. If your small business website is optimized for SEO, it will rank higher on the SERPs.