As a small business in Westchester, NY it may be hard to develop your brand with so much competition in your area. You want your business to STAND OUT when someone comes across it on the web. Your logo, your website, and even your social media play a big role in your branding. If your branding isn’t the best, the results (or lack of) will show in the long run. Your business may have a good ad on television that brings in a few instant sales, but a strong brand will have a greater return for a long time. People sometimes buy because they are tempted to (by an ad or friend), but the big sales come from your customers who believe in your product and your image. You’re in luck, on top of Supermarket Advertising, we at inMark are also a full-service agency! Working out of our headquarters in White Plains, we bring a team of talented individuals who work every day to ensure our clients are satisfied with their branding. 

What We Offer

  • Supermarket Advertising

With several different options to choose from, we make it possible for you to reach your local market easily at a cost-effective rate! Focusing on repetition, exposure, and a precise target audience, we can make your business the most well known in the area. Through this repetitive approach, your brand will be in the minds of your consumers. Learn more about supermarket advertising. 

  • Brand Development

When growing a business, building a brand is more important than the money you spend on your actual product. People relate to brands in one way or another. A customer can be looking to purchase a generic shoe brand, but come across the Nike brand. Everything he or she previously thought goes out the window, and the customer now goes for the more expensive pair, all because of Nike exceptional brand development. Think of it like planting a seed of awareness, by nurturing it your business will grow along with it.

  • Logo Design

Your logo is your business and your business is your logo. Our graphic designers can revamp your branding campaign with a custom made logo that you will love. Your logo is directly tied to your business, and the most well-known brands don’t even have to say anything because of the traction of their logo! Just look at Apple. Check out this logo for a local mechanic shop GT Auto Tech!

  • Website Design

Creating a website for your business in this day and age. People like to look at clean, professional websites when purchasing a service or product. A lot of businesses do have websites, but are they appealing AND responsive? Websites aren’t just for computers anymore, customers have access to the web on their phones. Ensuring your website is responsive on more than one platform is a guarantee we abide by. On top of appealing and responsive, your website can be used as an e-commerce to sell without coming into contact with your customers! To the right is a website designed by our team for a local restaurant called Tesoro D’Italia Restaurant.

  • Social Media

Approximately 70% of Americans use social media, according to Pew Research Center. That is an untapped market if you aren’t already taking advantage of it. Even if you are, social media is not easy to run for a business. Consistency and quality posts are key. Allow us to create and schedule content, while strategically following prospective customers, and maintaining a brand and voice across multiple platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

  • Copywriting

I would be lying if I told you your words don’t mean anything. They do! Especially online when it is your only way of communicating with your customers. You may purchase packages of email campaigns, website copy, and/or blogs. Whatever it is that your business needs, we can do!

  • Printing

A business card, flyer, or brochure is usually the first impression of your business and brand your client or potential hire will receive after speaking with you. Let our team of graphic designers create custom and professional branding materials for you to take where ever you go.

Every business needs work on their branding. Your small business can be the most well known in Westchester by coming to your local White Plains Full Service Agency! Contact us at inMark Media and we can get started on what is best for you!