If you’re reading this it’s too late to give up! You are already on the right path to your end goal. Why would you want to quit early? Whatever it is that you want, it is POSSIBLE to get there through hard work and perseverance.

People have been in your position before. Every black belt started as a white belt, but they didn’t give up on their dream, why should you?

This quote can be applied to many situations in our lives. Many of us want success to be given to us right at our doorstep, waiting around for a chance to shine. We would love it if life was that easy.

The truth of the matter is that everyone we see succeeding in different areas of their lives worked countless days for it. Whether it was perfecting their craft and setting a foundation each day, or someone who simply didn’t take no for an answer. They were committed to their end goal. It takes patience, perseverance, and determination to become get that “black belt” that you’ve always wanted.

It doesn’t stop there! After you get to the point of success, ask yourself what you can do to give back. Black belts usually end up teaching the white belts! Giving back and spreading love and knowledge will spread growth.

The mentality inMark has is for everyone to become the best version of themselves. If a team member learns enough to surpass a manager, that is great for everyone! The business grows, the team member grows into a new role, and the manager has more time to do something else!