Building team culture is important for everyone in a company. A strong team culture will boost morale and promote a happy workplace from top to bottom. There are a few ways to do so but we are going to zone in on how team sports or activities can grow a company as a whole. Even if some people don’t like sports or might be introverts, here is how you can get everyone to join in and have some fun!

There is no feeling like being a part of something and winning while you are doing so. There are a variety of different games and activities you can play as a team that will be a fun outing for everyone in the office! For those in your group that don’t play sports or can’t, obviously it isn’t a good idea to force them, but have them be a part of the outing by keeping score, or by hanging out on the side with the others that aren’t playing. So here are some games you can try out with your team!


Bowling is not much of a physically demanding game, given that your hips are still working fine, it is a fun game to play with friends, on a date, and with your coworkers. It can be all fun and games or the competitors in your group will have a blast trying to take down the other team. Either way, your team will have fun being together, knocking down pins, grabbing something to drink, and eating some good appetizers.

Shoot your shot!

This one is more physically demanding so take the necessary precautions to have the game be fun for everyone. For the less athletically capable team members have them cheer on the side. And for the less talented, have it be known that it is a friendly competition while setting the proper boundaries to keep from alienating those who can’t keep up. Joining a league to play together or meeting up at a certain time during the week will be a fun outing.

Hit it out the park

Another great game is SOFTBALL. It will be a tad bit difficult for those who never picked up a bat, or pitch an underhand. Nonetheless, it is a great team sport. Your team members who don’t want to join the party can still be cheering on the bleachers! It is perfect for businesses with a lot of team members.