Your attitude is the way you perceive the world around you and it will affect your life, good or bad. Attitude like many other things is a choice. It gets complicated when the attitude you chose was learned. For example, a child who is growing up with a pessimistic guardian or only experiences the worst of what life has to offer, will develop a negative attitude towards the world around them. Learning to be optimistic will better your life in more ways than one could imagine. The attitude you have towards the situations that occur in your life will in return make it daunting or a learning experience. What you take from a given situation can I either make or break you, this is why optimism is key. An optimist can make any situation go from the worst thing that ever happened to a slap on the wrist. Attitude is contagious, so spread positivity and surround yourself with like minded people. Here is a few ways to live a better life.


Smiling calls for an instant boost in mood. Think of whatever makes you smile, hold that thought for a minute. You will feel better after, and the person next to you will thank you. Smiles are just as contagious as a yawn, spread the happiness. It is a lot easier to be positive when you are feeling good and smiling releases the right endorphins to do so. Another plus are the comments you will get!

Start Your Day Right 

The only thing as important as how you start something, is how you end it. Starting your morning with a daily routine can help jumpstart your mood. It can be as simple as waking up 10 minutes earlier for some meditation. Listening to your favorite song, watching your favorite tv show, and even better, going for a jog.

Appreciate The Small Joys 

People tend to wait for the monumental moments in their lives, for example, graduating school, getting a stable job, and getting married. Waiting for these moments will stress you out when they don’t come as planned. Look forward to the small joys that are in our lives everyday. Waking up in the morning, that plate of food that makes your mouth water, your friends and family, whatever makes you happy.


Take Charge 

When life isn’t going your way, its easy to put the blame on your surroundings. Rather than saying “I could have studied more for this test”, we say it didn’t go well because “My roommate didn’t let me study”. It’s easier to play the victim rather than a creator attitude. Once you are able to take charge and own up to our flaws, you will live a better life knowing you are in control.