You have your business, its up and running, growing, and now you need a team of people to fall in line with your culture. How do you create a culture you ask? First, let’s talk about what culture is.

Culture is what your business embodies as a whole, in its’ character, personality, values, traditions, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. Having a strong culture will make you stand out from the regular companies that you are competing with. BE UNIQUE.

“Ok, ok, but how do I create a lasting culture?”

Culture is compromised of the basic components of your business and the intangibles of your business.

Starting with the basics

The basics consist of everything any business needs to run smoothly. These are the policies, procedures, employee conduct forms, and many more in the same realm. They may not be the most exciting part of your culture but it is a necessity to keep your business running smoothly and your employees staying in compliance with the rules.

It is the written “law” of your workplace and it is to be respected by everyone, including the owner. Everything in your culture trickles down from the top, so set an example and lead your team.

The Fun Part!

This is where you can get creative! This is where the magic in a workplace happens. Be creative and fun, or be as strict as you’d like to be. It is up to you to set the tone for current and future employees. This could be anything from what clothes people can wear, what you eat on Fridays, or what you do for holidays. The more lenient or open your rules are, the more you are promoting self-awareness and creativity. People won’t just be working for a status quo, but for what they believe in if they buy into your culture.

Make your team feel loved and appreciated and I guarantee they will stay that extra hour with no sighs on their face.