You’ve probably heard the saying “Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life” countless of times. It is the golden rule of happiness right? Why would you do anything that doesn’t make you happy.

At the end of the day, YOU have the power to change YOUR life. Your life is in your control, and if you are not content with where you are, then you have to do whatever it takes to get your life right. It is all in the mindset.

Seize The Day

The first step to changing your life is doing what is in your power. Each day, make it yours. Whether it is reading some of your favorite books, writing down your goals, or even taking a nice stroll through the park. Do something you love, even if it isn’t your job.

Make A Plan

If you are unhappy with your current life, make a plan to change it! Change doesn’t come easy, and won’t come quick. Make a plan that you can follow, and work towards everyday that you wake up. If you work towards it, change will come, and having a goal written down, step by step, makes it that much more achievable. There is something about having it written on paper, and not in your head that places your focuses on reaching your goal.

Instant Gratification Is A No-No

The problem with people nowadays is that we get everything at the tip of our fingers. Want that new book? Get it sent to your house. Want the answer to a question? Google it.

The thing is, life doesn’t work like that. We are programed to get everything NOW. Change doesn’t come like that, constantly looking for instant gratification leads to an unhappy life, and quitting. If you want to lose weight and that makes you happy, going to the gym for a week just won’t cut it. Constantly working towards your goals, trusting the process is what works.

Find Yourself

The hardest part about living a “boring” life, is not knowing what you want out of it. Finding your so called “calling” can be easy for some, but a life long adventure for others.