When setting goals for yourself, you need some accountability for your progress. Having an accountability partner to check in with weekly can help you stay on track.

Working with someone to complete your goals will make you feel inclined to do them. A quick way to check in with your partner is “F’ed up, fired up”.

F’ed Up

When speaking about your goals, acknowledge your failures! Don’t hide from them. It would be great to reach every single goal you set, but it’s not always about hitting each and every one of them. A step forward is good enough.

Point out where you f’ed up and recourse your week to fulfill it the next week. This will put you on the right track to complete those goals you are constantly putting aside.

Fired Up

The same way you acknowledge your failures, you should praise your success. After you’ve gone over what you f’ed up, talk about what you are fired up about! Which goal did you hit, and how did it make you feel.

Give credit where credit is due.

This quick 2 step “fact” check will only help if you are honest with yourself. This won’t actually do anything towards completing your goals, if you truly don’t work towards them. It is easy to talk about your goals, it is more fulfilling actually getting them done.

If you are having trouble accumulating a list of attainable goals, remember to plan them the SMART way.



Agreed Upon



So, the next time you make a list of goals, find your accountability parter, plan them SMARTly, and get fired up about completing them!