When one has a brilliant idea it becomes worrisome to some to want to partner with larger companies in fear of having the idea stolen. It could be difficult to come up with a great idea when you know very little about how to start a company. You could have a wonderful idea conjured up and believe it to be a successful idea, but there is a great difference between coming up with a great idea and making it a reality. However, keeping an idea to yourself is something that every entrepreneur should avoid.

At the beginning, getting feedback from your family and friends is an important step not to be skipped; the simple act of explaining the concept of the business to people you hold near and dear could reveal issues that could have been avoided or could bring about new ideas. Once you have a solid business model you will surely be on the hunt for a business partner and potential founding members of the team to help you on the long journey, as well as possible investors and the attention of the press.

Remember to make time to network with others in the industry you are trying to breach. This can be invaluable, especially if you can find a mentor along the way. Having someone with relevant knowledge to bounce ideas back and forth with and guide you in the right direction is a key to success. A good mentor can create a connection with other companies and individuals and also guide you on what to share and what to keep to yourself.

The key is to always remember that when you share your idea, make sure you are always in the best position to capitalize on your success. Remember that even if you have a prosperous company in one country, there may be another in a different country that could stifle your success. However, it’s worth running the risk because keeping an idea to yourself impedes your growth. The possibility of developing a company from the ground up on your own is remote; but with help from others, the process will speed up. Not to mention, someone else might be developing the same idea, and could beat you to it if you are not prepared with a team to move things along.

Although it is not recommended that entrepreneurs go around sharing all of their ideas, it’s good to remember that discretion should not be the cloak that covers all you are working on. Knowing how to share and what to share is a skill that can be learned. Until then, finding a mentor that can help guide your decisions is a great first step. Sharing your ideas with that person will be a liberating experience.