The culture a company instills really says a lot about what they value. inMark values family and that is why holidays are the best around here. Thanksgiving passed and our pot luck was a success. With everyone getting together to make it happen it was our own family dinner. Everyone made their own Pilgrim hats to wear with designs to show creativeness.

Franco (Left) cutting the turkey, Ant (Middle) waiting for his share, Frances (Right) falling in love with the turkey.


The holidays are coming up but that doesn’t mean we haven’t celebrated with our work family yet! Our weekend holiday bash in Vermont has brought the team even closer than we already were. A couple of days with your team filled with planned events is a bonding experience that is irreplaceable.

Best part about the trip was finding out everyone’s secret santa! Our team knows each other so well that every gift was very creative and had everything to do with the recipient. We all left with smiles on our faces, tired from the fun, and our gifts in our hands. A happy team means a happy work place. A happy work place will show in our production as a team.

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!