One of the most important, yet most difficult issues to pinpoint in the workplace is employee morale. While not as tangible as mechanical or structural issues, office morale is just as, if not more, critical to productivity in the workplace. It’s not uncommon for managers to prioritize a deadline or the completion of a project, but prioritizing this over an employees sediment can harm a company in the long run. 

What’s Wrong Everyone??
Office morale can be dampened by a multitude of things, but none are as obvious and as destructive as the mistreatment of employees. Poor treatment of workers can come in many forms, such as treating an employee as though they are lucky to even have a job rather than recognizing them for their work. Another example includes creating an unreasonable workload, whereas an employee will struggle to meet your high expectations, and will either burnout or treat you with resentment. Other examples include misunderstood expectations, lack of communication, and even wasted potential. These kinds of mistreatment can seriously cripple an employees ability to work, and can even lead to issues between workers and management.

Another issue that often cripples office morale are layoffs. While inevitable, layoffs often lead to lower productivity in workers and lower morale due to the thought that they may be laid off next. It should be expected that a typically friendly employee may see management as untrustworthy. Because of this, it is important to remain compassionate during times like these. 


Time For Some Changes:
Reaching out to your employees and giving them assurances can help boost productivity. It is also important to be transparent; managers should do all they can to divulge necessary information in a compassionate and understanding manner. When the dust settles and your team is settling back in, it may help boost morale to host an employee appreciation event, or simply a fun party.

Aside from these difficult situations where it can be troublesome to boost morale, there are simple ways to improve morale around the workplace during the normal workday. One good way to improve morale is to embrace the workplace culture; offer engaging and entertaining ways to address office meetings and the like. Show employees you care about them, and congratulate them on good work. Giving workers incentives come a long way, and promoting good workers or rewarding good work can seriously improve a worker’s performance.