InMark Media is very happy to welcome Jorge Porras to the team. He will be starting full time at inMark as soon as he graduates college.  We foresee Jorge to be beneficial to the growth and progress of the company. Jorge is currently a junior at the University of Scranton. He is pursuing a degree in the field of Marketing with a minor in Electrical Commerce and Advertising. His educational experience makes him a strong and diverse asset to the in Mark Media Team. He is also fluent in Spanish.

Jorge is a motivated, hard working, and creative Latino who has short and long-term goals as he progresses from college to the outside world. Jorge works events for the athletic department at college and is a member of the Marketing Society. He states, “ Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope”. It is evident that Jorge is a highly driven person who will face any challenge head on. Jorge plans to graduate from the University of Scranton in May 2018.

At inMark Media, Jorge has created client databases and organized contracts by month on Excel spreadsheets. He also creates posts for the social media team and participates in social media planning and strategy. Jorge is grateful to work in a relaxed environment, where team members are always willing to help. They give objectives, help set goals and check on his progress often. Jorge likes the fact that he not only works for Franco and Marco, but alongside them. Everyone in the office is very welcoming and gives off a positive vibe, which creates a stress free, fun and productive environment.