InMark Media would like to welcome our newest intern, Kelly Ross, to the Marketing team.  Kelly is pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Journalism and electronic media at the University of Scranton and will graduate in May of 2019. With her double major, Kelly understands that communication is key. Clear, concise and meaningful messages lead to success.

Kelly is dedicated to her studies and her home life. At school, Kelly is the News Editor of the University of Scranton’s student-run newspaper, “The Aquinas”. As new editor, she has developed useful job-related skills, such as organization, communication, and editing, that will be beneficial to InMarkMedia.  While maintaining this position, Kelly keeps up her 3.6 GPA and continues to get involved around campus. After college, Kelly plans on following a career in marketing. Although she isn’t certain exactly the path she wishes to take, she will take take every step passionately and with a hard-working mindset. “I believe that you decide how your life turns out. If you act with passion, success will follow,” Kelly said.

Kelly always wanted to work with a smaller company. When she first interviewed at InMark, she knew it was the place to be. It may be a small company, but it has BIG goals. “The inspiration and motivation everyone on the team shares is something truly special,” Kelly said. She anticipates an educational, dedicated, and motivational summer as an InMark Media intern.

Kelly is a native of New Jersey. When she is not at school or work, she enjoys time at home with her two rescue dogs, Kodi and Amber, her friends and her family.