InMark Media is pleased to welcome Willie Brown, the newest Social Media and Sales Intern. Willie is currently a Senior at Manhattanville College, located in Purchase, NY. He is pursuing a career in the field of Communications with a minor in Sports studies and digital media. His extensive computer knowledge makes him a strong addition to the inMark Media team.

Willie is an enthused, dedicated, go-getting college student, who once he graduates, aims to be successful in whatever field he choses to go into. While attending Manhattanville College as a full-time student with a 3.6 GPA, he also worked part-time at Nordstrom as a salesperson. He states, “I always make sure I work hard every day, no matter how tired. Once I’m older, that’s when I’ll allow myself to rest”.  Willie has had the honor to make the Deans List at his school and has intentions to graduate this upcoming winter, December 2017.

At inMark Media, Willie holds a very important responsibility. He is constantly keeping up with our social media platforms. Assuring Inmark media has the platform to reach out to new customers and new opportunities. He is constantly observing who follows our company while also discovering what our consumers like to see on our page and what they react to the most. Willie appreciates being able to work in a such calm and peaceful workplace. A company where his team members have treated him with respect. According to Willie, the bosses here at Inmark Media have done a great job at building a culture where everyone is treated equally.

No one at the office acts like a dictator, no team member will ever boss you around or make you go get them coffee. Instead they work with you and guide you to the place they want you to be. Everyone at Inmark Media has their office door open for anyone and everyone, welcoming any questions or concerns. Willie considers Inmark Media’s CEO’s Marco and Franco to be very welcoming individuals who actually care and want to see you succeed in both your personal life and your professional life. Lastly, Willie states, “It brings me joy to come into the workplace every day knowing people want to see me happy and help me become successful.”