Working a typical 9 to 5 will get very repetitive and dull. Waking up every morning to rush to work, driving through traffic, and dealing with those coworkers, who are just that, coworkers. Working at inMark Media is completely different! All of the employees are extremely friendly and easy going, with that “we are a family” mentality. 

Like-Minded People:

Like-minded uplifting coworkers is what you should gravitate to. These are the kind of people you need to surround yourself to grow and chase your own dreams.

Working with so many likeminded positive people will change those coworkers to friends that you work with. This makes everything you do just that much enjoyable.


It all starts from the top. Franco and Marco, our CEO and COO respectively, are both putting in efforts to instill that kind of culture in the workplace. Hiring like-minded people is very difficult, you don’t actually know a person until you hire them, anything before could be a bluff. After you hire the right people maintaining the culture should be a little easier. Franco and Marco instilled a sense of family, everything is so transparent with open door policies, team trips, and daily huddles. Everyone is always in communication in our group chat and pushing others to be the best versions of themselves each day.

Once Marco and Franco have instilled the culture they want, it is up to everyone else to buy into the culture to set it in stone. That is exactly what has happened. Your coworkers at inMark Media, strive to be the best versions of themselves while encouraging others to do the same. Whether it is going to the gym before or after work, denying the pizza from the new guy who has yet to learn the healthy lifestyle, or even a simple text of appreciation, at inMark Media we always grow as a family.

Everyone here brings something to the table, and transparency allows for everyone to get a say. Important decisions or “let’s have some fun” ideas go a long way when you have a team of like-minded people working to bring out the best in each other and inMark. To get to know each of the team members click here.