The power of YOUR mind cannot be overlooked. You have the power to project your mindset onto the world. There are always at least two perspectives you perceive every second of every day. Did you wake up happy that you woke up this morning, or dreading that you had to make it to work on time?

“Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in every day”

The ability to see the positive when something goes wrong or when things aren’t going your way will help you be that much happier, no matter the circumstances. A closed door makes room to open new ones.

It is easier to be negative than to be positive, the latter is harder to come across. For every positive person you may find, there are 10 negative ones (I just made up a number, but you get my point). Being a negative Nancy is the easiest thing to do, blaming everything on outside factors, putting your head down rather than lifting it up, and being mean and angry in a world where that is the norm.


Be nice to people, smile more, and think about how blessed you are. Even at your lowest, someone is doing worse. Use your energy to get out of a hole and quit digging yourself a bigger one!