InMark Media is pleased to welcome, Vanessa Guaman, one of inMark Media’s first and newest Administration Interns. Vanessa is currently a junior at Manhattanville College, located in Purchase, NY. She is eagerly pursuing a career in the field of Communications. Aside from majoring in Communications, she is also minoring in Spanish and Marketing. Her educational experience makes her a strong asset to the inMark Media team.

Vanessa is a motivated, ambitious, and dedicated latina who has goals in mind. Not only does she attend Manhattanville College as a full-time student, but she also holds a job as a cashier at Michaels Arts and Crafts, located in Mohegan Lake, NY, near her hometown. She states, “A person with true grit and motivation is bound to overcome all the difficulties that may be thrown in his or her path. Therefore, strengthen your mind and you may accomplish great things.” With this in mind, she shares with us that her ultimate goal is to graduate in May 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Communications (and a minor in Spanish and Marketing) with hands-on experience in the field.

At inMark Media, Vanessa holds a very important responsibility. She is constantly organizing clients’ portfolios, always maintaining them up-to-date with accuracy. Moreover, Vanessa appreciates being able to work in a such relaxed workplace, where her team members have treated her with respect and comfort. She believes that the bosses have created a very relaxed and collaborative workplace. According to Vanessa, they do not act bossy, meaning that they do not direct you around while they sit around, but instead they work alongside you just like any other employee. They also always have their office doors open for anyone and everyone, welcoming any questions or concerns. Least to say, she considers Marco and Franco to be very approachable individuals who are actually concerned to see you succeed both on a personal level and professional level. Lastly, Vanessa states, “It truly makes me happy to be able to work in such a relaxed and collaborative workplace.”