You’ve probably heard what I am about to say all throughout your life, “Your body is your temple”. Whoever told you this wasn’t lying. Our body is our vehicle, it is how we get around every day. Wouldn’t you take care of your car to get the most out of it?

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.”

Taking care of your body shouldn’t be a chore, but with all the toxic behaviors we develop nowadays, it is hard to stay on track. With a McDonald’s every 2 miles you drive, it is hard to stay away from a juicy quarter pounder for lunch. It is easy staying inside with your air conditioner, TV, and a couch that has your name written all over it, rather than going to the gym or for a run. Even filling our minds with useless memes and “fake news” on social media rather than picking up a book to actually learn something.

Love yourself and the rest will follow. Inspirational quote about self estimate and attitude. Vector inspiration saying.Taking care of yourself isn’t easy, it takes commitment to living a different lifestyle than what we are accustomed to.

The beauty in taking care of yourself is falling in love with how it makes you feel. Feel better physically, mentally, spiritually, and accomplished. Every day is an accomplishment when you love yourself. 

Today is the day to get started. Set yourself up for success and plan out the rest of your week. Eat a little healthier, look for ways to sweat, even if you don’t go to the gym, and try doing something that pleases you! We often get so caught up in our lives, we don’t have the time to love ourselves… Make time, it’s worth it!