You are in control of your week and what you get out of it. If you are an “I’ll do it someday this week” kind of person, you will end up in the same predicament the following week. Failing to check off anything on your to-do list is a real bummer.

Start by setting a day.

Once you choose a day, it becomes concrete. Well, nothing is concrete until you make it happen! This is when you grab the bull by its horns and seize the day. Plan your week out and try your best to abide by it. It is easier to do something when you can be held accountable. Hold yourself accountable. If you say you’re going to do something on Thursday, get it done!

It is great to set dates, but it is always better to do it NOW. Procrastinating is a real thing and it can get in the way of success if you let everything pile up until the last day. We’ve all done this, some more than others, and that is ok. Leave procrastination in the past and take charge of your future today. Change your mindset and you’ll change your life.