Leadership is a necessary attribute in good management, and one that can be difficult to acquire. Being a good manager means being able to effectively organize and utilize your team, but without leadership, accomplishing this feat can be difficult. So what constitutes a good leader? How does a manager utilize their leadership effectively?

There are several mistakes that first-time managers make that can compromise a productive workplace.  This can show a lack of leadership in management, and cause a deterioration of respect between employees and employers. Common mistakes include:

  • Avoiding difficult yet necessary conversations
  • Being close-minded and not allowing new ideas
  • Refusing to ask questions or accept criticism
  • Micromanaging instead of trusting your team
  • Not clarifying goals and setting expectations too high or too low
  • Only providing feedback when necessary, instead of continuously

As seen in the mistakes above, management can be intimidating, especially for first-time managers. Thankfully, there are some ways that can make that job easier, and can prove to others what a good leader you are. Often enough, first-time managers feel isolated when beginning their position. A good way to start opening up, and showing true leadership, is by opening up to your fellow employees, or even previous managers. 

A good leader accepts criticism and utilizes it to their advantage. Thankfully, you are not the first manager to ever exist, regardless if you are the first for your company. As such, seeking help from previous managers or even your fellow employees can help you get an idea of how you are managing, and even help yourself grow as a manager altogether. 

Establishing communication and collaboration between employees is critically important in the workplace. Creating a team that works together, talk among one another, and shares ideas facilitates creativity, openness, and productivity. It also helps shed light on issues in the workplace, which can thus be worked out. Keeping your employees up to date with information and showing positive feedback for good work are the foundation for a good working environment, and help build a solid relationship between management and employees. 

Overall, the thing to remember is to be able to communicate with your employees. Setting goals for your team helps them know what their working towards, and why they’re working, which helps improve morale. Asking for help from previous employers is also a good way to know how you’re doing as a manager. Finally, leading by example is one of the best ways to show true leadership in the workplace. By exhibiting good behavior in the workplace, your employees will follow by your example, and will learn to trust and follow you.