Have you ever started something new and quit when it got difficult? If you have, you are like the 99% (rough estimate, but probably right) of people who like to try new things. You are on the right track! Your commitment to trying new things is great for getting things started, but persistence is the key to cutting through that rock!


Some hurdles are stubborn and won’t fold as easy as we think. The thing about success, it never comes easy! You may not be a river, and may not have the talent or skill for whatever you want to achieve, but it is all about your consistent approach to “level up” (a term we love at inMark). No one ever starts at the top, you don’t just become a Denzel Washington or a Lebron James overnight. These people worked on their craft every chance they got and didn’t quit once they were faced with difficulties.

It just takes that “one more try” and you might just succeed!

When faced with difficulties you have one of two choices to decide, quitting or trying again. Successful people choose the latter. You never know, that “one more try” may be all you need to get things right, get that part, perfect that craft. Everyone fails and it is a part of life, but don’t let failure knock you out the race. Instead, get up and give it your all, you might just cut through that rock today!

We challenge you to think of a goal you were working towards but ended up giving up or putting it to the side, and resurge your optimism about it. Take one step towards completing it today! Comment and share your goal, or a struggle you have been having with your goal, and we’ll gladly help you recourse and put yourself in the position to succeed.