“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.” 

True character is built from the ugly we see in our everyday lives. It is how you handle adversity and turn it into a lesson you can live through and pass along.

Contrary to the popular belief that you can wait out a time of crisis in your life, I’m here to say that is called “playing the victim”. What this sounds like is, “Why is this happening to me?”, “Things will get better”, the result? A life lived as a victim of your surroundings and never putting your foot forward to get what you’ve always deserved… True happiness!

Taking control of your life and living as a creator of your own path, rather than a victim of a path given to you, is how you truly experience life.

So how do you learn to “dance in the rain”? I’m going to throw in a hip-hop reference to reiterate that there is always something to gain from a bad experience.

“There is beauty in the struggle”- J Cole.

Everyone struggles in life, no matter your economic status, your ethnicity, or your upbringing. To live your life you NEED struggle, you NEED to overcome challenges, and you NEED to learn from adversity!

Taking the mentality of a creator is how you learn to dance in the rain. Dealing with the hardships that come with life is difficult, and some people can’t handle it all, but the “creator” will live through the struggle and learn how to make it work in their favor.

So today, I ask you to be a creator. Be the creator of your own path that no one will do but yourself! Learn to dance in the rain!