What holds you back? What stops you from getting what you deserve?


The good thing is its all in your head. The hardest part about doing something is starting it. Your mind fogs your judgement with self doubt and fear, walking you down a path of failure with NO CHANCE at succeeding. It is ok to take on new challenges and fail, only if you are learning from your failures and not giving in to your fear of failure.

The Fear of Failure

Containing yourself within the walls of comfortability will be the demise of your aspirations. You fail before you even try, and that is the worst kind of failure. Being afraid of pursuing a goal that puts you in your comfort zone will halt your growth in every way you can think of. This where people get confused. Failure is NEEDED in your life. You NEED it to grow. If you stay in your comfort zone your whole life, you won’t learn anything new, you will never try new things, and you will never prosper.

Risk Vs Safe 

In life we are faced with many life altering choices. It usually comes down to taking a risk, the unknown, or going with the norm, the comfortable, the known. Of course, the people who never grow with their life experiences always choose the safe route.

Take The Step   

The first thing you should do is want to take the step. Continue on whatever path you choose, and know that it is OK to fail, it is OK to fall, it is OK to lose. It is what you do after that determines your character. Taking the first step towards facing your fears already puts you ahead of the people who aren’t even trying! Get up and face your fears!