Your small business is an organism built on effective cooperation. Make an atmosphere at work that promotes group success and healthy relationships.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
If everyone on the team takes responsibility for their own workload, pace, and deadline, it fosters a greater sense of personal accountability. When you give workers responsibility for setting their own goals, they will operate individually and work better together.

Teamwork Activities
Think outside the box, or in this case, outside the office space. Don’t use an outside activity as a reward for something, simply integrate team building activities into a spontaneous group outing.

Reward Your Employees
When you incentivize your workers with rewards and praise, they will remain loyal to the company, work harder, and have better mental health. Remember to give workers incentives for hitting a deadline, achieving a goal, or coming up with a particularly ingenious method for improving something.

Keep Talking
Open communication between workers at every level of management creates a better work environment. Before telling them to crack on with a task, ask them to come to you afterward if they have any questions.