If two heads are better than one, what about a whole team of people? Teamwork is a vital part of the culture in inMark. With transparency from top to bottom, everyone knows exactly what goes on. Communication is key and inMark doesn’t lack one bit.


Every month inMark hosts a meeting to talk about what is going on with the company as a whole, introduces new members, and each member comes up with a goal sheet for the month. Picking a partner to hold accountable, we work as a team to help each other stay on track to complete our goals. These goals are created to help us grow in one of these categories, body, being, balance, or business.

Aside from monthly goals, each department has a certain goal they set themselves to push them to strive for the week. For example, the telemarketing team picks each other up when someone is down. They have arguably the hardest job, and positivity is key when working on the phones.


The creative department gets handed a ton of projects to complete. It is a team effort how we get them complete. Our graphic designers split up the work evenly, and help each other as needed. The more eyes and opinions they get on an unfinished project helps them get to a more appealing option. Everyone is willing to lend a hand to the next person, everything we do is aimed to better ourselves and inMark Media. When goals align its easy to focus on both.

“The best teams play for each other, not with each other” – Jeff Van Gundy. This may be a basketball quote, but it applies to the culture here at inMark. Building a sense of family in the workplace allows us to work together for each other, instead of “with” each other. This is important because having a coworker you just work with doesn’t really push you going forward. Believing the ideology of inMark as a whole puts us in the right direction as a team.