Management is all about encouraging positive work habits and nurturing optimism in the workplace. Create a healthy workplace, and you will be the cool manager.

The Gift Of Praising
People live for their work to be acknowledged. Acknowledgment fuels them to do better and greater things. Handing out praise costs you nothing and the rewards are immense.

Sometimes It’s The Small Victories
A small ripple can make a massive tsunami. If management recognizes one step towards a bigger goal as significant, it makes the steps easier to take. Celebrating small wins is vital.

Thank You For Your Time
Being on time for everything is often underestimated. If you practice scrupulous punctuality, you set a good example to your employees. It will also help you to run a tighter ship, which benefits everyone.

Making Room For Flexibility
Rigidity is an old school management style. If you can remember how it felt to be denied something when you were further down the chain of command, keep that feeling in mind before you do it to someone else, and allow your workers to be flexible.