I hope for your sake you didn’t just do the bare minimum yesterday! There are many people getting through life with no direction or clear goal in mind and it is up to YOU to stand out! Standing out from the crowd may be scary but it is a necessity to achieve the vision you are working towards.

Going the extra mile in life, whether it is in your relationships, business endeavors, and/or even your health, will lead to good results even if it does take time.

Build Lasting Relationships

Our lives revolve around the different relationships we build and how we connect the dots. Given that the way we build our relationships will impact us in our personal or professional lives, why wouldn’t we want to go the extra mile for them? People will see your effort in building the said relationship and it will result in a more fulfilling bond. In turn, those same people will bend over backward for you, the way you do with them. Going the extra mile will pay off in the long run.

You Can’t Be Great Without The Work

Nothing is more fulfilling than reaching your business goals. No matter if it is owning your local hair salon, or being the best salesman at your company, whatever it is, you want to aim for the stars. Few people can get to where they want to be without refining their craft or skills. Some people can do it using raw talent or gifts they possess, like being a natural salesman.

For the average person with seemingly unreachable goals, going the extra mile is a MUST. Longer days, shorter breaks, more work, less sleep. There are more people doing the bare minimum than there are people going the extra mile. Stand out and stand alone it is less crowded than being average.

So, before getting your day started, think of one thing you can do TODAY to get closer to your goals. Trust me, with a little more effort you may be beating half of your competition solely on work ethic. There are fewer people going the extra mile than you think.

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